Hospice Specials

Prices are subject to change without notice
All Special Prices are for "At-Need" services only. (Not "Pre-Need")

                             Eternity Direct Cremation:

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Jacksonville  -  904.348.5579

Nassau  -  904.261.2700

                             Eternity Traditional Funeral Followed by Cremation                    

  • Includes 1 hour viewing prior to Funeral Service in our chapel.
  • Includes embalming; other preparation, dressing, and cosmetizing.
  • Cherry Oak Wood rental casket.
  • Cremation and alternative container.

           Current Special price ..... $3,300.00

                        Eternity Funeral Package:

  • Complete Traditional Funeral Service (church, our chapel or graveside).
  • 20 gauge Non-protective casket (Alex, choice of color).
  • 1 Hour viewing prior to Funeral Service.

          Current Special price ..... $3,600.00